Our Team

These two highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals have come together to create Phoxy Tanning.

Dr Donna Lee Marçal (Dinnes)

Donna, originally from Canada, is a specialist in human Biochemistry with a doctorate from The University of Ottawa. Dr Marçal worked in the field of human inflammation and how the body reacts to foreign materials. She has been awarded several international research fellowships for her work.

Upon her first Sydney research visit, she investigated the human biochemistry pathways involved in inflammation using advanced proteomics. Her work on specific human proteins and their functions in human inflammation enabled her with a research fellowship from the Australian Government through the Endeavour Research Fellowship Program.

Upon completing her PhD, she started her first research position with the University of Queensland at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechology where she continued her work in the field of macrophage interactions with biomaterials. She then received a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (Canada) Research Fellowship which took her to her research position at the University of New South Wales. Here she conducted research in the field of macrophages and atherosclerosis.

Dr Marçal is now the scientific specialist behind Phoxy Labs Pty Ltd and also the driving force behind the Dermatonics skin care range.

Helen Gerasimou

Helen is an Advance Skin Therapist with over 37 years experience and knowledge in the beauty industry. She has completed extensive education over the years that has allowed her to successfully address and treat a number of skin concerns.

She owns and operates a successful multi award winning skin clinic in Sydney, and has been recognised as an outstanding skin therapist in NSW. She is highly respected in the beauty industry as a therapist, business owner, salon coach and mentor. She is the author of ‘Red Carpet Experience’, a book about providing your customers with exceptional customer service.

Her passion and drive has been about making a positive difference in people’s lives. Helen has treated many clients with acne and scarring, as well as premature ageing and pigmentation that has been due to prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays and sun beds, hence why Phoxy Tanning ® was created.

Consumers are constantly searching for the perfect tan that looks natural yet safe. There are many tanning product on the market, however they can leave the skin looking dry, patchy and in some cases orange.