To Tan or Not To Tan

  • Posted by: surge

What can a person do to make themselves look and feel amazing during challenging times? Get a new hairstyle, new outfit, and new fragrance or join a gym maybe? Why not a tan?

Let’s face it we all feel amazing when we are looking like bronzed gods and goddesses, right? Clothes look better, the body looks firmer and our skin looks healthier, younger. BUT do we really want to lie out in the sun, cooking for hours with our favourite tanning lotion that promises us that perfect colour?

Sure we will eventually develop a tan but at what cost? Australia has the highest rate of melanoma cases, and each year it increases by 80%, statistics show. In 2019 approximately 15,200 people were diagnosed with melanoma and 1726 deaths will result from this diagnosis. *

So why do we continue to subject our skin to harmful UV rays for beauty? Because we want to feel confident, beautiful / handsome, beauty magazines portray beautiful bronze bodies in gorgeous clothing and we want to feel better about ourselves.

So what is the alternative?  Spray tans, self applied tans, moisturising mousse tans, express tans, overnight tans and all shades of tans. Great! Options, BUT Australians are still choosing to sun worship! WHY????

The consumer is experiencing so many varied outcomes when it comes to the sunless tan application. With so many on the market how do you know which one is going to give you the perfect tan?

Over the years I have tried so many with interesting and varied results. Some made me look orange like an oompa loompa, others wore off patchy and most had a distinct scent of spray tan that even I couldn’t handle. Not even my perfume could mask it. Some made my skin dry others left tanning stains on my clothes and bed sheets.

So what do you look for when choosing your perfect sunless tan? How easy is it to apply, how long does it take to develop and how long does it last. Look at the ingredients, natural is best. Can you read the ingredients and understand them? Don’t forget you get what you pay for. Is it good a quality product for the price paid? Don’t be afraid to ask the company more information about their tanning product. Does the product meet your expectations?

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