Celestina Bishop

I cannot tell you how fantastic this product is smells Devine
Feels like silk on your skin then your skin feels like silk from the moisturising products in it

And Tan… I turned my natural chocolate brown… spectacular…
I can’t recommend it enough

Stephanie Koutrodimos

I tan regularly and phoxy is the only product high of quality and lasts 4-5 days longer than other products !! It smells absolutely amazing and the texture of the cream is so smooth and easy to apply!

It gives me such a summery glow which I am obsessed with ? Once you go Phoxy, you never go back!!

Maria G

It’s rare that I come across a product that I can actually rave about.
I have been using fake tanning creams since my early 20’s – so there’s really nothing I haven’t tried. Going to a salon tends to become a chore and like most people these days, making the time to get there is sometimes impossible, so a tanning system that can be used at home is the perfect solution for all us “time poor” ladies!

I received a sample bottle from the “phoxy lady” herself, Helen Gerasimou one of founders and creators of what I have to say is an exceptional product; very different than any other cream I have ever tried. No residue, no terrible smell, no streaks, marks or unsightly orange tinge, this product applied almost like a moisturiser, felt wonderfully silky smooth on my skin and the colour achieved was of a real tan, not the “George Hamilton” fluorescent orange that looks totally unnatural.

The totally natural tan achieved lasted over a week and didn’t flake or dry my skin in any way, but faded very evenly, so there wasn’t any need to scrub any unsightly patches or exfoliate any dry skin.

Very impressed! Can’t wait to buy a bottle or 30!

Gina R, NSW

Love for our Phoxy Tanning ® natural self tanning cream! “Brilliant product. I was given the opportunity to try it in its prototype stage and it’s awesome!!! Works so well!!! Can’t wait till it’s launched I will definitely be buying”